One Piece Chapter 987

One Piece Chapter 986 Predictions : Big War!

One Piece Predictions Chapter 986

One Piece story in the last few chapters is getting more interesting. There is another war potential that is more terrible than the Marineford War before. In the previous chapter, One Piece Chapter 985 also revealed that Kaido and Big Mom had planned big things.

When will One Piece Chapter 986 be released?

Mimin hopes that One Piece Chapter 986 will be released on July 31, 2020, if there is no holiday.

Preview Chapter 985

Yamato’s tragic story is revealed. Yamato told Luffy that he knew Ace. He was waiting for Luffy to come to Wano. He also hopes to come with Luffy to sail like Oden did when Oden joined Roger’s ship.

In the past, Oden first met with Whitebeard and sailed with Whitebeard. Later, Oden moved to his ship Roger. Oden sailed with Roger’s crew to the Grand Line. 20 years later, Kaido’s daughter, Yamato, was inspired by Oden, who had met with Ace and now Yamato wanted to sail along with Luffy.

Yamato wanted to sail with Ace but he was scattered on Onigashima. Because of his tenacity to become Oden, Kaido handcuffed Yamato’s hand with explosive handcuffs which when Yamato left Wano, the handcuffs would explode on their own.

Then, Luffy offers help to Yamato to remove the handcuffs from Yamato’s hands. Maybe in a way like Rayleigh had done before, the handcuffs could be released. You could say Haki Luffy was already at a higher level.

Kaido’s speech

At the place where Momonosuke was executed, Kaido began his speech. His voice was broadcast to all places in Onigashima. Kaido revealed that the World Government had dissolved the Shicibukai. They have obtained the New Weapon because of Dr. Vegapunk

Kaido wants to get one of the ancient weapons to start the War against the World Government. Big Mom also arrived at the scene and announced that it was time to find One Piece.

Kaido also wants to move the capital of Onigashima to the Flower Capital. He wanted to change the kingdom of wano into a free Pirate Empire.

After he took over Wano, Kaido wanted to make Yamato the new Shogun to oversee his New Kingdom. The residents will be made slaves and the situation will be worse than now.

The fate of Orochi

Orochi refused the decision from Kaido which Kaido wanted to take over Wano, but Kaido immediately killed Orochi because Kaido no longer needed it. Kaido also gave 3 choices to Oroch’s subordinates to serve under Kaido’s orders or to become a slave.

One Piece Predictions Chapter 986

Luffy and Yamato fell from the roof and began to fight the Beast Pirates who were after them. Law and the others were intercepted by Kanjuro behind the castle. Kanjuro can’t handle that much strength alone and might lose.

Orochi is not easy to defeat. Maybe it is an ink clone made by Kanjuro. Orochi is also a zoan devil fruit user and he has the ability of hydra. The Orochi has a lot of heads when he activates the ability of his demon fruit.

Then, there is the possibility of the start of the Great War on Onigashima or it could become a World War. As announced by Kaido. Kaido who has allied with Big Mom will work together to find an Ancient Weapon and One Piece. You can imagine if those two things have been found, Kaido could have started a War that could result in the entire One Piece world being destroyed.

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