Singapore So first nation have a Apple Store in Southeast Asia

The development process of the Apple Store in Singapore appears to be already completed.
The proof, Apple already post his first store opening date in Singapore and Southeast Asia it is.
According to the information that was plastered on the front of the store, the Apple Store will be opened in Singapore (27/5/2017) next Saturday at 10:00 a.m. local time.
That information plastered on top of white paper taped at the glass shop.
In addition to the date and hour of opening, there were also three logos, namely Apple, liver, and red dots.
As summarised from Mac Rumors, Mon (22/5/2017), the workers adding information opening date for the store on Tuesday last week toward the middle of the night.
At the beginning of the month of may, the process of construction of the Apple Store do seem to have started to complete. The workers began lifting device-a device that is used to build the store.
Once appointed, look there’s about 12 works of art showing the Apple logo, a heart, and a small red dots. The red dot is the nickname for Singapore.
Apple Store Singapore is conveniently located in the heart of Knightsbridge Mall located on famous Orchard Street.
News about Apple Store in Singapore alone since December 2015.
At that time, Pure Fitness gym chain, which is the Apple Store currently, close it and move on. Many have speculated that location will be replaced with the Apple Store.
Then, Apple confirm that these locations would indeed be made into Apple Store update.
Then Apple began to recruit employees for the store. The construction of the Apple Store itself started early in the year 2016.

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