The majority of victims WannaCry is Windows 7

Windows XP accused so the base of the problem spread of ransomware WannaCry. Because the OS that have gaping security holes that have not updated by Microsoft. But it turned out to be much more ransomware infects Windows 7, which is a newer operating system than Windows XP. These data released by Kaspersky, calling the

Indonesian Students Ready to Launch Nano Satellite

As companies launch large satellites, Indonesian students are working on small satellites or nano satellites. Planned satellite is ready to slide late 2017. The student is from Surya University. John Surya who is also a founder and rector of the college told that nano satellites are being made by a group of students upgraded. “So

5 Ransomware Prevention Application for Computers

The presence of WannaCry’s ransomware has made computer users around the world aware if they can not escape the threat of cyber attacks . If previously @GadgetGaul has provided steps to prevent WannaCry’s ransomware , this time @GadgetGaul will discuss a number of apps that can fight against ransomware in general to protect Gadgeteers electronic

Youth Identity Revealed 22 Years Conqueror WannaCry

Ransomeware WannaCry defused 22-year old boy who initially only wanted to be called by the pseudonym MalwareTech. Now his identity is revealed already. His name is Marcus Hutchsins. He is regarded as a hero after conquering WannaCry keep it from spreading further. Marcus admitted doing it accidentally. Initially he analyzed samples ransomeware WannaCry and found