OPPO Give The Latest Device Teaser?

OPPO back issue the alleged leakage of its newest device. This time the device was present through the leak of photos one Selfie Expert Member, Reza Rahadian.
The device has a thick, black color is visible. When viewed proportionally, this mysterious device is not too large.
Not a lot of information that can be unearthed through the image given by the OPPO. If this is the latest device in the second quarter, given a few months ago OPPO has just inaugurated the presence of F3 Plus on 23 March 2017 followed by F3 on May 4, 2017.
Both of foregoing devices introduced OPPO entered in line of a series of “Selfie Expert Selfie Dual Camera with dual combination brings the front camera lens where one functioning for photo selfie and one other lens to take a group selfie with the wide angle 120 °.
On leakage such images also appeared to indicate that the date of the writing of such devices will be introduced on May 30, 2017. What is a device? It seems to still be a mystery to OPPO officially announce it.

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