The majority of victims WannaCry is Windows 7

Windows XP accused so the base of the problem spread of ransomware WannaCry. Because the OS that have gaping security holes that have not updated by Microsoft.

But it turned out to be much more ransomware infects Windows 7, which is a newer operating system than Windows XP. These data released by Kaspersky, calling the spread of ransomware WannaCry very quickly not merely an error of Windows XP.

According to data from the Russian anti-virus company that, 98% of infected computers WannaCry a computer that use Windows 7. In fact, Windows 7 is the OS that is still supported by Microsoft.

That is supposed to be a security hole so driveway WannaCry actually been patched by Microsoft. But this of course depends on the user’s awareness of its diligent updating the OS.

Meanwhile, the number of Windows XP-based computers that are infected WannaCry very insignificant amount. Although Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP a few years ago, and no longer to patch security holes.

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