Instagram Release Features Face Filter, Rewind and Hashtags Sticker

Instagram today got some new features for you loyal users Instagram Stories. One of the main entry is the Face mode Filter. With the Face Filter, users can share video selfie with various funny and entertaining. Yes, it can be dbilang again Instagram plagiarized the features of Snapchat.
How to use Face Filter is also very easy. Stay signed in to fashion his image on Instagram and press the Filter Face icon at the bottom right of the screen. After that point the camera front or rear device iPhone you and please create image or video footage while you choose the Face Filter.
As an additional note, Face Filter also supports modes Boomerang to make it more interesting! Finished making selfie more funny and unique, please share with Instagram Stories or use mode mode Direct Message to a friend or group of friends in Instagram Yes.
The next record is rewinding Rewind mode which means video in mode. You can find this feature on the record mode of the Boomerang and also the Hands-Free.
Use creativity to record video in high jump like Rewind mode in mode flip or maybe a little movement trick secrets using the opposite direction. Unlike the video recording mode which makes you have to press and hold the Shutter button Rewind mode, simply tap it once to make a recording and press again to shut down recording. Instagram will automatically reverse the video last aka the final sessions start with first. Unique, Yes!
Often using features Mentions on Instagram Stories? Additional interesting to update this time, Instagram Stories finally supports Hashtags! Yes, users can share video or photos on Instagram Stories and can mutually find that content with other users through the same Hashtags. How to add a Hashtag Sticker is also very easy, go to record mode or edit content for Instagram Stories then please press the Sticker on the top right. Tap Hashtags Sticker and wrote the text you use after the sign #.

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