Indonesian Students Ready to Launch Nano Satellite

As companies launch large satellites, Indonesian students are working on small satellites or nano satellites. Planned satellite is ready to slide late 2017. The

student is from Surya University. John Surya who is also a founder and rector of the college told that nano satellites are being made by a group of students upgraded.

“So now the process is being made.We make small size or nano satellites.Now, the end of this year launched,” said John met some time ago.

“This satellite, which is working on a first-year child, by 2016, will be led by the 2013 generation who will graduate for more knowledge, but by 2016,

We are a research-based university so the first year has been research because it rarely encourages the first year for research but we want these children to do research, “said Yohanes.In working on this nano satellite Surya University in cooperation with PT Pasifik Satelit Nusantara (PSN). This deal PSN only help from its solar cell only, so some components of making nano satellite works of this nation’s children are still sought.Investors are needed.

“If like a camera of course it is buying. The first satellite making takes nine months. Now we are looking for funds from the sponsorship, for the start of our manufacturing takes almost Rp 3 billion, the next satellite is cheaper, if first must be a bit

expensive , “Meanwhile for the launch, John claimed to have not been a year where he would do it. Chinese satellite producer China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC) said it was interested in Nano satellite design of Surya University, but there is no agreement between the two sides.

John explains that nanoscale satellites are created because of the need for communication, especially the Internet, in the future to continue to increase. Interestingly, the vehicle designed by the student is claimed not to be outdone by other large size satellites. Even has its own advantages.

John exposes this nano satellite to have an advantage as it operates at an altitude of 700-1000 meters above the earth’s surface. Though the satellite is generally above the altitude of 36 thousand kilometers.

“The price of nano satellites is quite cheap,

The most for a unit of about Rp 1-2 billion for investment, but it can cover from Aceh to Papua, “he said. ” If you make 100 nano satellites means only Rp 100 billion, whereas yesterday it BRI launched a satellite of Rp 2 trillion but this (Satellite nano) can cover entirely, especially internet technology faster. Perhaps now they will soon Megabyte Gigabyte, Gigabyte later thousands, “he added.

With the higher needs and can be supported by the presence of nano satellites, scientists Physics John also envisioned in the future the company could have one each nano satellites.

” Respective Each has its own satellite. The price is Rp 1 billion but if mass production may be cheaper again. There will be millions of nanos in the sky.

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