Here’s Why Your Business Should Advertise on Google AdWords

We live in the Internet age, no one can deny or escape from that reality. The question for you right now is this: Will your business adapt to this change? Therefore you can try to use the service PromoNavigator to explain why you should advertise on Google AdWords.

If you currently want to find a product or service, which is needed quickly and urgently, will you use the old way by going out looking for one by one? Or by calling a friend?

Certainly not!

This way is not the way it is used in the present. Everything can be done with the help of the internet to search and get information quickly and answer all the needs. Therefore it’s time for your business to show up on the internet and take great opportunities to improve your business.

And when we talk about searching something on the internet, it can not be fooled that Google is the champion. The world’s largest online search engine.

Suppose when you sell something simple, like a T-shirt. You own a store and put up large banners in some places that contain your store address and phone number. In today’s digital era, promotional stuff like this will not be enough, because in fact a great opportunity awaits you in the digital world.

You can advertise with cheaper cost. Yes, you can advertise on Google!

Google’s Use in Indonesia is Very Massive

There are about 75,000 people looking for the word “clothes” on Google per month, so there are about 2,500 searches per day. Of course you can imagine the potential benefits when your T-shirt store at the top of Google’s search results in that day? With about 2,500 people looking at your store, then you can imagine how many sales of your T-Shirt on that day?

Maybe you are a small or medium businessman who does not understand about digital marketing, like Google AdWords. Actually this is not a big thing. You also do not have to pay and contract with an experienced professional agency. The best solution is to use easy and efficient practical tools for you to advertise on Google, with PromoNavigator .

PromoNavigator is one of Google Partner Indonesia that can help your digital campaign. The company has a team of professional and certified in the field of online marketing, they are even one of the international Google Premier Partners.

The PromoNavigator system works automatically, all it takes is a link to your site. With this link the system will check, create and start a professional advertising campaign for you. In this way you will easily get a new customer after the campaign begins!

How Does PromoNavigator Service Work?

Keywords Generator
When you do not know what keywords to use to promote your site? Then the system from PromoNavigator will analyze the content of your site and inform the keywords that suit your business.

Ads Generator Effective
Effective advertising is the key to achieving a high CTR (click through rate) and getting customers with a minimum budget. The PromoNavigator system will generate ads using content from your site, so this will make it easier for you to create ads. Next, you just have to wait for the results and get more customers and orders.

Budget Estimates
When you find it difficult to determine the budget in digital advertising then our system will calculate how effective budget to get more clients. Adjust the budget to the targeted profit you expect.

Automatic Bid Manager
Bid management is a difficult thing and requires routine. You no longer need to spend time doing this. Please use the system from PromoNavigator with Effective Bid Management to manage your budget effectively to get client.

What are the Advantages of Using PromoNavigator?

Easy . Are you new in the Advertising world? The system from PromoNavigator will work automatically. Just enter the site name and the Advertising Campaign will be automatically created and managed.
Save Time . Just 15 minutes a day to check and analyze your campaign results from online report performance.
Budget Saving . Budget campaign starts from Rp 110.000 per month. Service fee 15% from budget.
Result Oriented . Get customers for your business in 5 clicks. Choose Schedule and Advertising Strategy that match your business goals.
Is there a difference between advertising arrangements in Google Adwords with Google ad settings in the Promonavigator? The difference is the system from PromoNavigator will be easy in terms of setting up, creating, and managing ad campaigns. While the end result of setting up Google AdWords directly or using PromoNavigator all your ads will be both displayed on Google.

You can start advertising Google now. Only by registering on for free then this tool will help create Google advertising campaign for you. Good luck!

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