Google Assistant Appeared So Competitors on iPhone

Google, Wednesday (18/5/2017) announced the launch of GoogleAssistant to rival Apple Inc. ‘s Series Even Google’s clever voice Assistant is already available for the iPhone.
Google Assistant considered smarter than the series. But Apple is however still a step ahead.
For, the series can be enabled only through the greeting “Hey Series” on the iPhone. While Google applications Assistant need opened separately first.
Google hosts applications can be used for various purposes, such as finding a restaurant, reservation site, look for the results of sporting events, weather forecasts to set reminders and more.
Google also announced other new features will launch in the near future. In between such as the ability to type a question into Google Assistant, use the camera viewfinder to translate foreign language text and more.
Interact with Google’s Assistant more or less the same if interact with Siri.
Users can make inquiries through way more natural. In the near future should iPhone users can already find this app in the App Store.

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